Mid-Florida Milers Frequently Asked Questions

What do local Volkssport clubs do?
There are over 300 Volkssport clubs throughout the USA, and many thousands around the world. Local clubs host generally weekend events throughout the year. The club members select a trail for safety, scenic interest, historic areas, natural beauty and walking comfort. Everyone is invited to enjoy these well-prepared walks day. Clubs also prepare permanent walks (Year Round Events) that are available at a host business (hotel, coffee house, Park office or many others) that provide you a pre-walked route, instructions, and a great way to see a new town or park.

How long do you walk?
Most people and families take about one hour for a 5K (3.1 mi) and 2 hours to complete 10K (6.25 mi) walk trails. Most enjoy taking a leisurely pace and stopping to sight-see, picnic, or even shop! Most walks have a three hour period for you to complete the walks. You go at YOUR own pace, and you are always a winner at the end.

Where do I find out more?
To find a Volkssport club or an event near you use the AVA Web Site. Weekend and Year Round Events are listed by state at http://www.ava.org and by city with a map also available to show you walks close to your location in any state.

Mid-Florida Milers Club Meetings:
Club meetings are held annually in August and at other times by the direction of the President. The elected officers meet quarterly at locations at or near a walk or as directed by the President. If you want to attend, email the Secretary for the meeting time and location. Meeting minutes are posted and can be found at the following link:
Meeting Minutes

Other area AVA clubs
Learn about walks with other Florida Clubs.

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