Mid-Florida Milers Year Round Events

A Year-Round Event is a self-guided, permanent walking event available most days of the year. The Mid-Florida Milers and other clubs set up permanent starting points, select a trail, draw maps, and write detailed walking instructions. You arrive during the business' open hours, register, take instructions with a map, and enjoy the route at your pace. Our events like those in Florida and nationwide may include city routes, residential streets, trails, tourist attractions, and good daily exercise routes in our local communities, southeast Florida, and the Villages.

Starting points
The starting points are businesses or facilities who volunteer to host the start. At the start point is a file box marked with the AVA and/or Mid Florida Milers. You may have to ask the staff to point it out or get it out. The proprietors are not club members, so please be patient with these people who are volunteering to help the club. The South Florida walks are remotely registered, see below.

Inside the file box is a registration log. The walks are free for those walkers who do not want IVV Credit but every person MUST sign registration sheet. Registration fee for IVV Credit Only is $3.00. Complete and sign the Registration Sheet, place the fee in an envelope, and mail or leave in the "completed envelope" folder. Take the walk instructions and then walk at your own pace, enjoying the local area for as long as you desire (daytime hours only). The event is open regardless of the weather. If you walk for IVV Credit, stamp your books. (IVV Event and Distance Record Books are not available at any YRE file box. Inserts are provided and can be stamped and submitted with Record Books.)

IVV event and distance credit (a stamp) are available for each separate day. You must register and pay the $3.00 fee each time you participate. You may walk the route twice for distance credit on one start card for one fee on the same day, (e.g. walk 20 km at a 10km YRE walk).

Remote Pre-registration for Southeast Florida Walks is required for each of the seven Southeast Florida walks. Please see our Remote Registration Policy page for each specific walk for information. While this procedure is unusual, the lack of a Point of Contact (POC), desire to maintain walks along the Southeast Florida coast, and distance from Central Florida made us decide to use remote registration procedure. This procedure, used in other states, allows Mid Florida Milers to maintain these walks there. MFM is committed to making this process as easy as possible, so plan early, and communicate with us by any means.

All events are credit only.

AVA Special Programs
A number of our walks qualify for AVA Special Programs. For more information, see AVA Special Programs Defined. The Special Programs Street by Street for MFM events are shown in the attached file here.

With registration for these events, walkers agree to observe the principles of good sportsmanship. Littering is strictly prohibited. Smoking is not permitted in stores and hospital. If walking with pets, please pick up after them.

The American Volkssport Association or its subsidiary clubs are not responsible for theft or loss of personal belongings or property.

Year Round Events